Unbelievable.! The 6 Lost Cities Found..!

Unbelievable…! The 6 Lost Cities Found..!

Scholars..Explorers..Even amateur divers and teenagers have rediscovered ancient cities that had been hidden for so long, they were just legends. Here are 6 Cities that were lost and found again and some we didn’t even know we lost. To begin with:

6. Troy

Troy-The Lost City Found.

Troy…The legend of the Trojan War is One of the most powerful stories from ancient Greek literature and forms the basis of Homer’s The Iliad. Most of us have also probably seen the movie. Ancient troy commanded a strategic point at the southern entrance to the Dardanelles, a narrow strait linking the Black Sea with the Aegean Sea. The approximate Location of Troy was mentioned in several works by ancient Greek and Latin authors but was lost for hundreds of years until in the 1800’s when scholars Charles Maclaren and Frank Calvert were able to persuade German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann to Excavate a mysterious mound know as Hisarlik. Everyone else had ignored Maclaren and Calvert claiming that the legend of Troy was just a story based on myth, not history. Of course, Schliemann took full credit for the discovery once he began uncovering the ancient city. Life lessons guys, always trust your instinct and don’t let other people take credit for your hard work. The actual site where the city of Troy was located has About 9 different layers of settlements, towns and cities that could have been the Troy led by King Priam whose son Paris, ran away with Helen, wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. The first and oldest layer dates back to the Early Bronze Age (around 2000 BCE). Later versions of Troy were destroyed by fire, and others by earthquake and war. Then, it was abandoned and forgotten, until the legend became truth.

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5. Pompeii

Pompeii-The Lost City Found

When Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius, the City was buried under layers of volcanic rock and ash—frozen in time—until its rediscovery and exploration in the 18th century. Pompeii had a population of between 10,000 to 20,000 people and was famous for its excellent farmland. One of the ironies of volcanoes is that They tend to lure people in because they produce very fertile soil. In the towns below it, most people would not have known that Vesuvius was a volcano or that a Bronze Age settlement in the area had already been annihilated almost 2,000 years before. Vesuvius is actually Inside the exploded skeleton of an older volcano. If you look at an aerial photograph, you can see the remaining ridge of a much larger volcano on the north side. Around 2,000 people were killed in Pompeii from a cloud of scorching gases and thousands of tons of rock and ash that rained down over the city. The powdery ash that buried everyone was so fine that You can even see people’s eyelids preserved like a plaster cast. The Emperor Titus declared Pompeii an emergency zone and offered financial assistance for cleanup and recovery. But the buried towns were beyond salvaging. Eventually, Pompeii and Herculaneum were Taken off local maps and forgotten for hundreds of years. Within a few centuries, settlers had repopulated the empty terrain, unconcerned with what lay below. The African plate, on which most of the Mediterranean Sea rests, is actually diving beneath the European plate. Under pressure underground the gases stay dissolved. When the magma rises to the surface it compresses, causing volcanoes to explode. To this day, Vesuvius Remains one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes; some 3.5 million Italians live in its shadow, and about 2 million tourists visit the ruins each year. Although monitoring devices are in place if there is a major eruption with little warning and the winds are blowing toward Naples there could be another major disaster.

People’s Bodies Preserved like a plaster cast.

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4. Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.

Harappa and Mohenjo Daro…… The discovery of the Indus Valley civilization (aka the Harappan Civilization) in what is now Pakistan was first recorded in the 1800’s by the British. The locals also knew about it before then but there was no widespread archaeological excavation until the 1920s. This mysterious culture emerged nearly 4,500 years ago and thrived for a thousand years, profiting from the highly fertile lands of the Indus River floodplain and trade with the civilizations of nearby Mesopotamia. It remains mysterious because Scholars have still not been able to decipher the language, and instead have to guess at their daily life based on the objects that have been found. Mohenjo-daro and Harappa were highly advanced cities of their time, with Remarkably sophisticated civil engineering and urban planning reaching their golden age between 2,600 to 1900 BCE.
Harappa had a level of Architectural planning that was unparalleled in the ancient world. The city had many drinking water wells and a highly sophisticated system of waste, all Harappan houses had latrines, bathing houses and sewage drains. They were abandoned in the 19th century B.C., as the indus valley civilization declined, and the indus river possibly flooded or there was a severe drought. Mohenjo-Daro means the hill of the dead or the mount of the dead in Sindhi. According to archaeologists, it’s ancient name was ‘cuckoo tarma’ meaning, cockerel city. Which may indicate that this is where the chicken was domesticated. The ruins of the city remained undocumented for around 3,700 years. Pakistani officials are struggling to maintain the sites and they may soon be lost forever, due to the salt content of the groundwater that is eating away at the ancient breaks, The attempts of preserving the sites have only accelerated the damage and there is not much tourism to support it. Some experts have suggested that it might be better to just cover it all up again, to keep it preserved.

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