Most Amazing Jobs in the World..!


From living on a tropical Island to babysitting the cutest animals ever, Here are 9 Most Amazing Jobs in the World..:

9. Video Game Tester

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For all you Gamers out there, wouldn’t it be awesome to play video games all day every day? and get paid for it? It makes sense because video game creators have to test their product before putting it on the market. Also called “quality assurance tester”, a video game tester’s goal is to discover any bugs or problems with the game, and give feedback on what might make the game better or more appealing. The job also does not demand a college education because it is considered an entry-level position. However, if you have a college degree, then you will be eligible for better paying quality assurance jobs in the gaming industry. We all wanna know, what do you get paid for being a tester? Annual salary is about $50,000, depending on your experience and location.

8. Professional Beer Taster


For those of you who are beer aficionados, there is actually a career for that. If you like different kind of brews, the history of beer, and can tell what quality of water was used to make it, then this is a perfect job for you. Being a Professional Beer Taster means more than just drinking and reporting whether it’s good, great, or disgusting. A Beer Taster must recognize whether the beer is malt or hops based, and the texture of the beer, which is critical. They decide if the beer is thin or thick, as well as identify traits for sales and marketing. So, it’s more than just your personal opinion. Since colleges don’t offer degree in “beer-ology”, a college education is not required. However, some places require potential candidates to be certified Beer Taster. Yes, there is an actual certification for that. Average yearly salary is about $55,000, though you may start out lower until you gain more experience. Cheers and Good Luck!

7. LEGO Certified Professional

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who doesn’t love LEGO’s? Did you know you can actually make a living by designing structures to build with them? There are 13 LEGO Certified Professional positions in the whole world, so competition is fierce. Unlike LEGO model builders, a LEGO Certified Professional, or LCP, are full-time, freelance LEGO Artists. LEGO certifies them as being a professional, giving them some credentials, but they are also freelancers. LCPs are hired by corporations, brands, and private individuals to create a custom work of art with LEGOs. The concept of independent builders endorsed by LEGO was the brainchild of Sean Kenney. Once a web designer for Lehman Brothers, Kenney left his job in 2003 to become a master builder. After two years, he pitched the LCP idea to LEGO corporate, and they gave him a shot. Today, he’s a successful freelancer, having received commissioned work with the likes of Mazda and Google. If you want this job, you’ll need to wait. LEGO is currently not accepting more applications. But when they are, you’ll have to be ready to demonstrate your building proficiency, enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system, and a professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public. 

6. Professional House Sitters

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If you love staying at home, sitting by the pool, and sitting your morning cup of coffee without a care in the world, this job is for you. You might have to go inside and do some cleaning or maybe even some repairs, but there’s no rushing to the office or a project deadline to meet. You are a professional house sitter which can vary from make-sure-the-house-doesn’t-burn-down-and-water-the-plants to a more demanding position of caretaker. House Sitters travel all over the world and never have to pay for their accommodations. Plus if someone needs a house sitter, it’s probably because it’s an AWESOME house. For many people, this isn’t only an occasional job but a way of life. One Blogging couple, Dalene and Pete of, sold everything in 2009 so they could house-sit all the time. House sitting jobs can be found on a variety of websites, such as and house sitters of America. If you love animals, Pet Sitting is another option. The average salary can go from $50 a day for basic house sitting or up to $100,000 a year in the case of care-taking. References and an engaging house sitter profile is all you need to get started! 

5. Professional Sleeper

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If you love to sleep, there’s a job for that too! The Professional Sleeper. This job covers several different scenarios: sleeping as part of a research project, or as a mystery shopper, or to test beds for a hotel. The requirements vary from project to project. Essentially though, you go to sleep or remain in bed for a specified amount of time then report your experience. In the case of scientists, of course they study you. You’ll be attached to machines that monitor your brain, heart, oxygen levels, among other things, depending on the study. Recently, NASA made the news when they offered a job for people willing to stay in bed for 70-days! It required the participant to lie down at a Six-degree angle so that their body fluids would flow towards their upper body, simulating the physiology of astronauts in space. The purpose of the experiment was to see the effects of microgravity on the human body and to prepare astronauts for their flights in space. In the case of mystery shoppers, you can be hired through a mystery shopping company to try out a hotel. At the end of the stay, You’ll be asked to fill out a survey. In case of a hotel tester, the hotel company you are coming, which is really the only difference. In the case of Finn hotel in Finland, you can stay for 35 days, each day in a different room and blog about your experience. The only catch is that you have to be fluent in English, Russian, and Finnish. what’s the pay? well the average is about $30,000-$60,000 depending on the type of project and company. 

4. Private Island Caretaker

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Imagine having your very own tropical island where you can relax in a hammock all day long drinking margaritas. While most of the people can’t afford it, there is another option.  There is a job where you can still live on an island by being a private island caretaker. And then just pretend that it’s yours… it’s not all easy sailing, however. Being an island caretaker can be a demanding job. just ask the caretaker of a private isle in the Bahamas. For privacy purposes, he goes by “James”. James says that while he gets to do a lot of fishing, he also has to be constantly available to demanding bosses. An island caretaker has to make sure the island is in good shape for the owners when they come on holiday, which includes making necessary repairs and cleaning up after storms. it can be a busy life but can also be very rewarding. so, how can you get this job?.. one company, Private Islands Incorporated, often plays matchmaker for wannabe caretakers and private island resorts and retreats. Their website has classified section for owners and caretakers and because their clients often ask for recommendations, the company happily accepts applications from would-be caretakers.

3. Netflix Watcher

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There is an actual job where all you do is binge-watch Netflix and enter in some data. A Netflix tagger is someone who adds tags to shows and movies for the streaming service. It’s a nice personal touch when when the company could’ve just used a bot to crawl IMDB. Taggers are also the reason why we get viewing suggestions whenever we sign in. Netflix sends taggers 3-8 titles a week. They’re often responsible for entering a myriad of data about the show or movie. First, they categorize the genre, then they tag and subtag the story line. They also flag caution and controversy. One Tagger, Josh Garrell, watches all of his Netflix on a 110-inch screen and always is stocked up with snacks and soda. We should all go to his house to watch….😝  Netflix is a little selective in their hiring process. They look for people with an analytical mind and who can deconstruct a movie or TV show to it’s core elements, as well as people who have a passion for entertainment. How much do they pay? I could’nt find the number but it’s probably worth it to binge watch and get paid for it!

2. Disney Imagineer

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For the true Disney lover, there are plenty of magical opportunities, but one of the best has to be being Disney Imagineer. You get paid for spending the whole day at Disney! An imagineer must be an engineer with a lot of imagination. As an imagineer, you’re tasked with dreaming up your wildest ideas and made them a reality at Disney amusement parks around the globe. Imagineering is responsible for designing and building Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and other entertainment venues at all levels of project development. Over 140 different job titles fall under the banner of imagineering, including illustrators,  architects, engineers, lighting designers, show writers, graphic designers, and many more. Salaries range from around $45,000 – $110,000 per year, depending on your level of experience. If you like to dream big and make millions of people smile with your creations, this is the job for you.

1. Panda Nanny 🐼

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You read it right…. You can’t help but love roly-poly baby pandas! Did you know you can actually spend all day with pandas and get paid for it? Possibly the best job ever: A Panda Nanny. For obvious reasons there is fierce competition for this job in China, making it almost impossible to get. China’s Giant Panda Protection and Research Center on occasion recruits caretakers who’s chief duties are to hang out with panda cubs, love them, and cuddle them. The job pays 200,000 yuan or $32,000 a year. Accommodations and meals are also included. The job does have some peculiar requirements. As a Nanny, you may have to dress up in a panda costume while interacting with them to reduce human influence on their environment. If you are OK with that then the job is perfect! If you’re fluent in Chinese and love animals, then please Apply. Less than 4,000 pandas are left in the world. With so few numbers, it’s no wonder they need a little extra LOVE. 

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