10 Signs YOU’RE Actually a GENIUS..!!!

Hello everyone, It’s impossible to be a genius from birth, You can only become one by studying really hard. But, sometime ago, Scientists started noticing certain features common in all geniuses and we’re not talking about messy hair, huge ugly glasses or high-waisted pants. Its more about their behavior and habits. So, do not miss any, who knows, You may be a GENIUS!…..Now let’s see the 10 ways Science tells you that you’re not a usual human, but a GENIUS…!        {wanna know more facts like this? Be sure to Follow, You’ll be notified so that you don’t miss any of the amazing upcoming posts}

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10. Staying Up Late

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If you like to sleep till lunch-time and your top activity is at night, Give yourself a “+”, You’ve moved one step further in this Genius ranking! The majority of brilliant minds are owls, not early birds, Maybe that’s why Great talented people suffer from Insomnia, when you sleep early by day, what can you do at night? right, work and create!

9. Sense of Humor

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The study on people’s perception and attractiveness reveals, That students to get high marks in abstract thinking and verbal intelligence tests, are also good jokers and that makes them more attractive. So, don’t be afraid to joke and hopefully if it is funny, People will call you a Genius or a Clown, who knows 😛

8. Stupid Hobbies

Image result for angelina jolie knife collection

Having a useless, weird hobby is another sign of Geniusness. If you make piles of paper cranes or collect calendars instead of saving money, you might be a Genius. for ex: Angelina Jolie has been collecting knives ever since she was 12 years old and Mark Zuckerberg-creator of Facebook, gives a shit and find new hobbies every year. By the way according to scientists, it’s essential for Geniuses to have hobbies, that way they distract themselves a little and foods that nerves.

7. Laziness

Image result for laziness is a genius

Everyone will love this one, To be honest it’s hard to believe that we’re talking about Genius people, The Scientists say that brilliant people are lazy. there’s also as a scientific explanation-too many thoughts and intellectual operations lead to physical apathy and tiredness, that’s why you have to lie around and do nothing from time to time. Although Geniuses, there is another side to this, laziness attacks are followed by bursts of hyperactivity!

6. Sound perception

Image result for chewing sound

It’s considered that Geniuses get furious when people make noises while eating. People champing, chewing with the mouth open or slapping the lips are quite disgusting for everyone. But if you get really angry sitting next to such a Chewbecca then you’re probably a Genius. According to different studies, brilliant people are very sensitive to sounds and perceive them more acutely than other people.

5. Urge for Travelling

Image result for love travelling

Yes, this is also a sign of geniality. Talented people can’t stand sitting home, they love to travel all the time and this is absolutely right, since travelling gives us good memories and food for our brain. If it’s hungry of course.

4. Alcoholism

Image result for jean paul sartre alcohol

Another trace is unfortunately a bad habit. Yes, Geniuses suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. Great French Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre smoked 2 packs of cigarettes, a few pipes of black tobacco, over a liter of strong alcohol, including whiskey and Vodka, 200 mg of amphetamine barbiturates and liters of tea and coffee, on a daily basis. No wonder that the author of nausea ended up in the hospital with nervous exhaustion. So, don’t get sucked into this and don’t go overboard.

3. Blue Eyes

Image result for light blue eyes hd

Not only your actions and judgments reveal your ability of thinking outside the box, but also your eye color. Johanna Rowe, Professor emeritus at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, found the people with blue eyes are more likely to be strategic thinkers than their peers with darker eye colors. Rowe says, she came to this conclusion after long research.

2. Automatic Doodling

Image result for automatic doodling

Just when we saw the only good thing about doodling was reducing stress, We found a study proving that people with higher IQ’s tend to doodle a lot. According to researchers people with high intelligence need alternative processes for their intellectual output. The thing is you’re doodling because your brain wants to do something and the more active your brain is, the more extraordinary and smart you are, so when you’re drawing smiley faces and hearts, remember your brain is processing another genius thought.

1. Thinking Before Sleep

Image result for thinking before sleep genius

The next trait is the habit of going through the same situations and thinking of different outputs. If you can’t sleep because you’re over-thinking, and every time the negative situations in your mind are getting gloomier, then you’re not a pessimist, You’re a Genius. Funny and Careless people don’t worry by definition and that’s why they’re more disadvantage intellectually the neurotic people. These thoughts are caused by spontaneous brain activity. Hence, the higher the activity is, the more of a genius you are.



Image result for messy room einstein

It is reflected in everything, house, clothes, hair, hands, agnail, chipped nails, Eww A Genius would rather bite an agnail off than get some scissors. Studios and Offices of brilliant people often resemble a dump. But a recent research revealed that a cluttered up table can lead to a more creative thinking and sloppy workers choose new tasks and projects more often, for Ex: Mark Twain was really Scruffy.

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