25 Bits of Advice to Every Teenager..:-)

Here are 25 Bits of Advice to Every Teenager…:

**BONUS in the end**

25:  Learn To Cook,   Cooking is an essential skill that will benefit you for life.

24:  Start Saving Early,   The Earlier you start saving, the Easier saving becomes.

23:  Wear Sunscreen,   Besides the obvious danger of skin cancer, you look a lot younger in your 50’s, If you sacrifice that tan right now.

22:  Learn to change oil,   or any minor fixes in your vehicle, Knowing how it works can prevent you from getting ripped off at the shop.

21:  Think Before you Speak,   If someone asks you a question, take a moment to formulate your thoughts, not only will it make you look smarter – Your response will probably be legitimately Smarter.

20:  Learn to Stay Rational when Faces With Emotional Situations,   This will take a while – Start practicing. 

19:  Cut Off Toxic People,   This doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it, but know that if someone is abusing you emotionally or taking advantage of you, It prevents you from accomplishing things and helping others. “Know When To Walk Away” .

18:  Learn How To Be Confident Without Having a Big Ego,   Confidence is Attractive and will get you far, but once again don’t be a jerk or *Know-It-All*, The most Confident people don’t rub their confidence in other people’s faces.

17:  Learn To Have Fun Responsibly,   Drinking and Partying with your friends is Fun for now, but don’t let it get to the point where that’s all you have in common.

16:  Don’t get addicted to Alcohol or Drugs,   If you don’t like studying, go to a tech school and get a Blue-Collar job, If you don’t like your subject – Change it!, It’s better than wasting Time and Life. 

15:  Be Curious,   Curiosity is one trait that’ll definitely get you farther in Life.

14:  Finish 11th and 12th well,   High School or 11th-12th is different from college, You can do a lot of things without a college Degree, you’ll do barely anything without a High School Education. If you feel weak in any of your High School subjects, Don’t be shy to go through the 8-9-10th books of that subject, I bet it’ll surely help you Improve!

13:  Don’t Be a Door-Mat,   This doesn’t mean that you have to be an Alpha male either. Just Stand-up for yourself and people will Respect that.

12:  Don’t worry what your peers think,   You won’t know any of them in 20 years anyway. and when you go off to your 10-year reunion, It’s mostly the cool kids that have the minimum wage jobs.

11:  Shower,   there have been actual cases of people dying because they use too much deodorant, Don’t do that – take a Shower.

10:  Travel,   even if it’s only to find out that you hate travelling, you’ll gain perspectives that you never knew even existed.

9:  Learn a bankable Skill:   Even if you already have a job, pick up something else, Blue-Collar Skills can be very valuable and give you something to fall back on.

8:  Say YES,   This should come with a disclaimer, know when to say NO as well, Just be responsible – if you have important things to do, don’t go to that party, or at least leave early. If you don’t have important things to do, Force yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do something New.

7:  Master your Social Skills,   This will lead to better jobs, better relationships, and a more satisfying life in general. The only way to do this is to just DOoo IT!! and then learn from your mistakes.

6:  Develop Varied Interests,   This is actually one of the easiest ways to increase what i just mentioned – Your Social Skills. Having a wide range of interests will allow you to interact with people, more easily and find common ground. 

5:  Learn About Nutrition,   Yes I know that a lot of nutritional information out there is pseudo-science, but there is some that isn’t. Learn how to take care of your Body, and the quality of your life later on will thank you.

4:  Exercise,   as with good nutrition, this is something that you will regret later – If you don’t do it Now! and this doesn’t mean just exercise that you can eat that cake, NO. Exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

3:  If You Can Do Something in less than 5 minutes.. Do it NOW!   procrastination kills future possibilities.

2:  Floss,   You only get One set of teeth, well Two* and dentures are not Fun at all! 

1:  Avoid Amygdala hijacking,   This is basically for the term when your emotional reaction beats out your rational reaction. This isn’t always bad, but quite often it is, Learning to control this is a major predictor of how Successful you will be in life.


*Just Because a Girl is Good Looking does not mean she is a nice person*

For our older readers, what was your fondest teenage memory? and what other advice that we didn’t mention, would you give to teenagers..

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