15 things You might Not Know About APPLE..!

15 things you didn’t know about Apple,. Here we read through some of the less known facts about the most profitable company in the world – Apple Inc. The company is on track to become the first trillion dollar company but there were a lot of things you might have missed on mostly because the company isn’t proud of or simply didn’t get that much coverage compared to the shiny products they sell now. Here are 15 things you might not know about Apple:

15] Apple actually had three founders:Image result for founders of apple
we all know that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak put together the first Apple Computer in the garage of Wasa’s parents home in cupertino california. but few know there was a third guy working along with them, Ronald Wayne – a friend of jobs from when they both work Atari, and he agreed to help start Apple with him not only did he help develop the computer he wrote its manual and even came up with Apple’s first logo. when he realized Apple might not make it he sold his shares to Steve’s for eight hundred dollars, a real bad move, that share would be worth something like 40 billion dollars now. Wayne now sells stamps and coins in a Nevada trailer park.

Image result for steve jobs vw bus color14] Apple was started with a calculator:Image result for scientific calculator
To start the company, Jobs sold his VW microbus and Woz sold his calculator. That might sound pretty one-sided now, but the fact is that the scientific calculator was worth more than the van back then. Woz managed to sell it for 500$. That’s around 2000$ in today’s money.

13] Steve Jobs is the son of a Syrian immigrant:Image result for steve jobs father abdulfattah jandali
few people know that Steve Jobs was adopted even fewer know that his father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian immigrant that got Joanne Schieble pregnant in college. Due to parental issues the baby was put up for adoption and although the mother insisted the baby be adopted by educated people, young Steve was adopted by Paul jobs, a high school dropout. and Clara Jobs, who hadn’t finished college. Jandali, who manages in Nevada casino never met his son, but the two did exchange brief emails just before Jobs died.

12] In 1986, Apple started a clothing line:Image result for apple clothing line
you might have never heard of it because the project failed completely. They called it the apple collection and the idea is far from the modern sleek minimalist and timeless designs that makes apple products the sensation they are today. It’s hard to picture turtleneck Steve wearing a tracksuit in rainbow colored Apple logo.

11] Apple owns the patent for the slide to unlock feature:Related image
Apple is currently suing Samsung claiming patent infringement over this. A judge has already overturned apples patent claims to slide to unlock in Germany.

10] Apples iPads retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung:Image result for ipad retina display
Apple found out that outsourcing their retina display to Samsung is actually cheaper than creating the infrastructure to build it themselves, also it’s an incredibly lucrative contract that gives Apple slight leverage with Samsung.

9] Steve Jobs invented the computer mouse by stealing it from Xerox:Image result for steve jobs mouse
back in the early computer years in order to click on something you had to insert rows of code that would tell the cursor we’re on a grid it should go and what action you wanted it to perform. while visiting Xeroxes research center he noticed a three button mouse that would have been perfect for his Apple interface, the only problem is that it costed $300. So he had the team drop one of the buttons and the cost down to $15.

Image result for jonathan ive in product intro8] Jonathan Ive has worn the same t-shirt in every Apple product intro video since 2000:
same as Steve. Apple’s lead designer wears the same type of clothing in all official releases, they come in lovely dad shades of earth tones and they are made by a company called G-star. 

Image result for macbook bulletproof
7] The Mac battery is bulletproof:
In case of horrific events the battery inside your macbook could potentially save your life as it was made to be bulletproof.

6] Bill Gates stole windows from Apple:Image result for billgates stole apple
In a similar fashion how Mark Zuckerberg stole the Facebook idea from the Winklevoss twins, Steve Jobs tasked Bill Gates with creating an operating system for Apple. After developing the product bill saw its standalone potential and decided to never deliver it and started selling windows on his own.

Image result for microsoft saved apple5] Steve Jobs forced Microsoft to save Apple Inc:
 In 1997, Apple was running out of cash, their legal battles with Microsoft were going on for so long and costing them a ton of money, So Steve offered Bill Gates the possibility of a settlement of 150 million dollars for non-voting shares at Apple. Microsoft promised to support Microsoft office for the mac for five years while Apple agreed to make Internet Explorer the default web browser on the Mac but not the only one.

Image result for 15.3 million iphone
4] The most expensive iPhone in the world costs 15.3 million dollars:
 This is a Black iPhone 5 covered with Gold and Diamonds.

3] Apple has more cash on hand than the US Treasury:Image result for top richest companies in usa
not only does apple have more, but it has at least four times the amount of money. As of 2015, the US Treasury has around 50 billion $ in cash, while looking at Apple’s balance sheets show it has over 200 billion dollars cash on hand, to put it into perspective Apple is currently worth more than the entire Russian stock market put together.

Image result for apple can buy netflix and tesla2] If Apple were to go on a shopping spree it could buy almost eighty percent of the top 500 companies in America:
to make things interesting Apple could buy both Netflix and Tesla with the earnings from only one yearly quarter. Netflix has a cap of 23 billion and Tesla is worth around 28 billion, if they wanted to they could pick up amazon for 90 billion and still have enough cash to buy coca-cola or Disney.

1] In the last years of his life Steve Jobs declared war on Google:Image result for apple vs google
    Steve said in quote
I will spend my last dying breath to right this wrong I’m going to destroy Android because it’s a stolen product I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this they are scared to death because they know they are guilty
in a last attempt to crumble Google’s advertising Empire, Apple may allow or have ad blockers pre-installed on all their devices. So you get a better experience while browsing the internet.
This will be Steve’s final blow towards Google if it were to ever be put in place.


Image result for apple and tesla car
Apple announced that it will come out with an electric car in the next five years. Both Steve and Tim Cook talked with Elon about Apple acquiring Tesla. But, Musk didn’t want to sell. Elon Musk “I think companies like Apple will probably make a compelling electric car, it seems like the obvious thing to do”.

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