RMS Titanic – The Secret Which Killed 1500+ Innocent People | *The Bitter Truth*

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner which was 175ft in height, 883ft long with a capacity of 3330 people = 2435 passengers and 895 crew.


wreck of the Titanic the most famous shipwreck of human history is still raising questions a hundred years after it happened. people wonder how the mighty Titanic, a pretty modern ship for its time could Sink after hitting a miserable iceberg. It turns out there’s a dubious theory which you probably haven’t heard, So lets get straight to it..

British journalist Shaun Maloney who has spent more than 30 years researching the sinking of the Titanic assured that the cause of a shipwreck was a fuel fire in the ship’s hull or the iceberg just helped to sink the ship faster. Moreover the fire started even before the Titanic left the port and for several weeks the workers try to put out the flames without succeeding. According to the journalists the owners of the ship knew about the fire  in ordered the crew to keep their mouths shut and hide this information from the passengers the ship was even reversed into its birth to prevent passengers from seeing damage made to the side of the ship by the ongoing fire. The fire, too large to be controlled reach temperatures of up to a 1000 degrees Celsius. So hitting the iceberg caused six gaps in the ship, each of them 300 feet long. All this together caused irreparable damages to the ship and the Titanic sadly sank so what do you think of this version?! if you think that the crew of the ship made a huge mistake by hiding the Fire.. SHARE this Post.

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