RIDDLE | Test Your Brain | Question 3

Q]  At a crime scene, a dead body of a man lies on the floor with blood oozing out his head. The dead man has a gun in his hand and a tape recorder is found by his side. One of the investigators at the scene picks up the tape recorder and plays it. The following message is heard, “I am tired of this life and so I have decided to relieve myself from the worldly pains”. A gunshot soon follows. The investigator declares the investigation as a murder investigation. Why?

Answer:  All the clues seem to suggest that the man committed suicide. however, that is not the case. If the man did kill himself, then how would he have been able to rewind the cassette? Ahhh, are you following along now? Since the cassette was rewound to play the message from the start, then it is clear that someone else must have killed the man, thus making this investigation a murder investigation.

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